Construction of Bridge (Process)

Day 1:
We were given the task to build the bridge and the first thing we proceed was to use the West Spring Software Bridge Design to do the bridge stimulation. We though it was easy, but it was not as simple as we thought. We used the whole period to come out with designs that were feasible. We also thought that the design should be appropriate and not too hard to build, and hence we wasted much time thinking about that.

After school, we stayed back to finish the decision matrix. As easy as it seems, we gave out votes etc. However, even though we just had to vote, there were many criteria we had to consider, and it was tough. But of course as the saying goes "safety comes first", and the bridge we think that would be the safest should be the selected.

Then we continued with the scoring of the matrix and picked out bridge design, Design 4 done by Jaryl. Other than being simple, his bridge was most effective as it was the lightest and the simplest out of the 4.

Day 2:
Over the CNY holidays, Jaryl made a bridge base, but not the complete one.

Day 3:
Then the group stayed back to finished up the bridge. During the construction, we had some conflicts on how the bridge should look like and what is the best way into building it. We should have researched more and watch videos on bridges that we efficient. However we did not and that was our biggest mistake. We continued building the bridge and make its base structure followed by the aesthetics. We didn't finish the base that day so we continued another day.

Day 4:
We rushed the base and finished it but we were left with very fews sticks to design. That was a warning sign that our bridge was too heavy and that something should be done. However all the glue dried up and it was too late. We just had to make do we what we have to finish the touch up.

Day 5: (END)
After finishing the aesthetics, we went for the bridge testing. To our horror, our efficiency was 0 and it was really shocking for the group. After brain storming for a moment, we thought of our thinking process. We really should have refined on how we worked and how we construct the bridge.

We should have discussed the base, what ways are the best to construct and not throw the construction of the base to one person.

We should have researched more on what type of bridges was effective and gives you the highest efficiency. This was really our biggest mistake or not we would have a better efficiency score.

Before constructing the bridge, we have to keep looking at our requirements and waste our resource just because we have it. We should think then act and not carelessly pour in everything.

After the whole experience, although our result was devastating, but the process was fulfilling. We all put our effort into building it and that is more important. If we ever had the chance to rebuilt, we will ensure that we will think before acting and make our product better than ever.

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