Discussion of bridge design

1. What is your score on efficiency? If the efficiency is high/low, what went wrong/right?
The efficiency was high. We did not follow the design as we ran out of material on doing the base that we could not build the side of the bridge that equalizes the tension which might have allowed it to withstand some weight

2. Which part of the bridge started to give way first? Explain using Physics or Engineering concepts.
The bridge's center portion was the first to give way, the weight of the box and the weights are applied on the center of the bridge but the insufficient support dig not distribute the weight equally thus the efficiency of the bridge is not high

3. Which part of the bridge provided the most strength in the testing process? Explain using Physics or Engineering concepts.
The thick sides provided the most strength, the amount of weight put on the bridge was mostly at the centre and the sides are the main structure holding the weight, but insufficient supports disallows the distribution of weight causing most of the tension to build up at the center, breaking the bridge easily. The sides can also be improved by adding more ice cream sticks to make the sides stronger.

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