While building the bridge, my group encountered a lot of problems, planning the design for the bridge is easy as we had an application to test on. During the bridge building, we had troubles finding the time to meet each other while the time we had to build the bridge was short. Another problem was the poor usage of materials, our group forgotten to weigh the weight of the bridge causing us to exceed the weight limit and thus changing some features of our bridge and could not make a structure strong enough and in the end our bridge failed reach a efficiency of 50. Overall, we managed to build a bridge, meet up and finish the project in time despite ending up with a bridge that is not what we expected, this taught me an important lesson to plan well and have more reminders.

When we started the simulation, it was very difficult and I felt like giving up on trying as the lorry just would not go through the bridge due to the tension. When we were building the bridge, the most difficult thing is collaboration as on somedays some of my group mates are free and on other days, others are not. So we decided to spilt up the work and do it during the periods where we were free. After we finished, I was thinking that our bridge would not sustain any weight and it is different from the design we had. So we just wanted to improve it as much as possible the morning before the testing day but there was nothing much we could do. The testing result was expected and it held 0kg as it is not stable. From this, I have learnt that collaboration is important and splitting up work would not produce as amazing result as collaboration. All in all, there is no one person to blame for our failure of the test but it is the whole group not being prepared enough to do the project together.

To start off, we were instructed to use a designing application to design 4 bridges and choose the design that fits most of the requirements needed. Naturally, designing something sounds easier than actually building something,therefore I never really placed much thought and effort to the first design. When it went through the “test run” in the application, the bridge failed. Following my failure, I went ahead to design another bridge, this time with more effort and thought in it. It failed again. Third design, and it failed, again. Frustration hit me. I went on the design a total of 7 bridges, until 1 succeeded and passed the test. Happiness did not last long when I was told by my group mates that I had to design a total of 4. We decided to split the load up and design one each. In the end we decided to build the bridge based on Jaryl’s design. Next, building. When we started building, we started off by building the base of the bridge. When we finished building, we realised that we had little ice cream sticks left for the ascetics part of the bridge and also the support of the bridge. This was an obstacle and headache to us as we were only supposed to use what was given to us to finish building the bridge.
When our final design of the bridge went through the test, it failed, and almost snapped into two pieces. From my whole experience of bridge building, I first off have to thank my group mates for being cooperative and understanding. Even though the project was short, I and I’m pretty sure they too have learnt and gain much from the project.

You Yi:
I did not expect our group to have 0 efficiency! But I think the experience was fulfilling. At first when we started building, all we think was to just "build a sturdy bridge that might not fall". But we forgot to research more and test more and see whether the bridge works. I really regretted not researching more and will make amendments to my next project. But overall, it wad fun and hectic at the same time and I learnt to manage my time well and balance with my studies!

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