Jaryl :
Building a bridge for a performance task seems interesting for me as we are allowed to build any type of bridge we want, allowing me to trail and error. I expect to learn more about bridge building and the physics behind it, while allowing me to understand the forces applied in bridges and allow me to apply what i learnt about dynamics.

Justin :
When i heard of the bridge building exercise, I thought that it would be easy as we just had to hold the most amount of weight and could be done by just replicate designs from real world.

Reagan :
When we were first given the task of building the bridge, it sounded really interesting and filled me with excitement. It seemed to be an easy and fun task to do as we were able to replicate a real life bridge or completely design a new bridge that could be used in the real world.

You Yi:
I think that the task should be easy and difficult at the same time because the amount of things we have to do is not a lot. But building the bridge and making the blog takes time, and we have limited time to those. I hope that everything goes well and that we will have a good outcome.

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